Here’s what participants have said about past coach training with Leanne and Michelle:

Leanne and Michelle claim that this is the best coach training in New Zealand.  As an experienced Manager in the public service I often coach others and build training programmes for managers – so I was naturally a bit sceptical about this claim.  My reservations were completely unfounded.  Not only did my participation in the programme build my effectiveness and confidence as a Coach, it provided me with some great tools and deep personal insights that I can apply in my own personal life.  The programme was expertly constructed using neuroscience, NLP and best practice, it was flawlessly delivered; in my opinion it was world class. N Eldridge

Level 1: The course provides a great foundation for anybody who wishes to embark on the coaching journey.  It exposes you to the core essentials of coaching and equips you with powerful techniques and tools to grow your coaching capability.  If coaching is for you it will inspire you to take it further. T Kennedy

Level 1: A fantastic opportunity to learn more about human nature, yourself and a great foundation for building coaching skills on.  It was truly great!  Thank you! J Sewell, HR Manager

Level 1: Very useful tools to use in work & life!  Great practical involvement, interaction and feedback.  Excellent standard of teaching and brilliant examples and activities.  L Nimmo

Level 1: You will leave this workshop with an understanding of what coaching is and isn’t; a number of tools and frameworks that you employ at work and in life beyond work; and most importantly the confidence that you can enable change in others.  Tim, General Manager

The Coach Training Programme was an extraordinary journey of growth and self-discovery.  It gave me a set of tools that not only enhanced my ability to successfully lead a team of people but also made an enormous difference in my personal life as a friend, wife and mother.  After having completed the training programme I have been able to start my own successful part-time coaching business.  Brenda Scully

It was challenging and inspiring at the same time.  Great tools, models and techniques to apply back on the job and in life.  Very relevant and beneficial. Lorraine, Principal OD Adviser

A really supportive environment that allowed for non-judgemental questioning and opportunities to practise.  I now better understand the complexities of coaching and the range of techniques available to make me a good coach.  Margaret, OD Adviser

It gave me a set of highly effective tools to apply in coaching (and in other situations), and it helped me access my intuitive ability to create innovative new ways to apply these tools.  The coach training also helped me grow as a person, beyond anything I expected.  Wendy Kale, Coach

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