The Methodology

ESSENTIALLY COACHING is a coaching methodology that draws on core models from psychology, Transactional Analysis, Accelerated Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, neuro-science, ontological coaching, hypno-therapy and right brain instincts.

The methodology works with the whole brain and the heart of the individual, meaning the behavioural and attitudinal changes desired become natural and sustainable.

Whilst the ESSENTIALLY COACHING (EC) methodology has a sound scientific basis it’s important to understand that coaching is also an art form that draws on the Coach’s skill working in partnership with the coachee.

The Coach Training

You will be trained in this powerful methodology which can transform your life and enable you to do the same with others.

The ESSENTIALLY COACHING Coach Training Programme is offered in modules so you can choose the scope to take your training to, suiting your needs and desires.  When you become an EC Master Coach you will:

  • Feel more powerfully and authentically YOU
  • Be inspired by who you are, inspiring others
  • Experience being an empowering coach for others having powerful coaching conversations
  • Have a comprehensive toolkit of strategies and techniques
  • Be ready to start or enhance your business as a coach

Who should attend?

This programme is offered to managers, HR practitioners, internal coaches, other business leaders, and independent coaches.

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