About Us

Our Vision

Leanne Babcock and Michelle Dalley are the co-founders and facilitators of Essentially Coaching. They are two of New Zealand’s top coaches with impressive records for results with their clients.

Their vision is for people to be empowered, inspirationally motivated, successful and authentic. When people achieve what they TRULY want and be who they TRULY are, they automatically transform the world around them.

The strong network of coaches skilled in this transformational coaching methodology, creates a supportive community where we empower one another to fulfil this vision.

Michelle-Head-shotMichelle Dalley

With over 15 years in leadership roles Michelle brings her strong business background into her approach to coaching and training others.  Her transition into coaching came about through a passion for developing people and being inspired by what they achieved.  She has skilfully lead teams, coached and mentored, facilitating powerful changes in work performance, engagement and motivation as well as in areas of personal growth and change. Her ability to masterfully open up people’s perspective of their world and to coach them to make new choices, produces extraordinary outcomes for all.

Michelle is a Leadership Coach, a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a professional speaker and a Certified mBIT Professional Coach.  She is also trained in Human Resources, in aspects of psychology and neuro-science and is licensed in DiSC Profiling. She is the Director of a successful coaching and training business specialising in leadership development and communication as well as being the co-Founder and Facilitator of Essentially Coaching.

Leanne-Head-shotLeanne Babcock

With an international track record, Leanne has lead transformational programmes, coached groups and individuals, and trained trainers and coaches to the level of mastery. Trained in behavioural psychology, DiSC Profiling, Transactional Analysis, Accelerated Learning, hypnotherapy, and intuition work, she is also a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. With an impressive reputation for producing results and helping people achieve success in all areas of life, Leanne has worked with a wide range of clients from CEO’s and business owners to artists and sports people, in both the public and private sectors.  Her coaching is insightful, challenging, supportive and inspiring; clients typically describe it as life changing in ways they hadn’t even considered possible.

She has successfully run her own coaching and training business over the last 20 years and is also the co-Founder and Facilitator of Essentially Coaching.

Originally from Canada, she has resided in New Zealand for many years.

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